Our Vision and Future Development
Since Kurrency's establishment in May 2008, the quality of our service has been affirmed by our customers. In the future, the development of neural network applications will be the main focus of development. We also plan, in 2012 Q2, to add two international sections to our research and engineering department and expand our R&D staff to 40. We are currently negotiating with companies that specialize in automated trading services with even more professional experience than us to discuss collaboration plans. The main goal is to integrate and take advantage of each other's experience in order to achieve a higher level of performance and growth.
In 2009, Kurrency's collaborative trading platform will be expanded from the current KGIL (New Zealand), Dukascopy Bank (Switzerland) to the more advanced and seamless STP trading platforms, so that transaction commands can be linked directly with the world's major banks and financial institutions. The transaction is completed once it is executed on the trading platform. This ensures that customers' transactions are carried out promptly and more accurately. We strive to help customers conduct their trading activities in the fastest way possible so that their needs can be fulfilled and their expected profit targets can be achieved.
Kurrency's fastest trading command and ordering system will also be introduced in 2012. In the future, customers will be able to access important reference indicators through the trading command and ordering system in the rapidly changing and uncertain foreign exchange markets, so that they can make a determination whether to enter or exit the market. Using simplified methods to obtain the most accurate information, our customers can easily achieve high-quality transactions that, in the past, could have only be done by fund managers. Customers will have total control of their own trading accounts. When conducting trades, not only will customers be rewarded with direct investment returns, but will also enjoy peace of mind.
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Kurrency Update Notice
Kurrency website is currently updating, please visit KGIL website for neural system statements.