Major Internal Functions of Neural System
Elliott Wave Principle Analysis
  • Automatically identify the waves
  • Automatically correction identification
  • Signature or Characteristic the Waves
  • Development of trading system
  • Generating strategy
  • Simulate the real trading
  • Generating function
  • DLL management
  • Combination testing
  • Comprehensive report and Chart analysis
Reliable Predictor
Reliable predict due to the high quality artificial neural network prediction and classification. The latest result is to achieve forecasts the technology and algorithms. Recent technological advancements have been carefully selected and tested in a comprehensive set of real trading world.
Superior Performance
The forecast is one step ahead, wizard-like interface neural network processes, it received the predictive value and use it immediately in real account transactions, fully automated management model, start using the neural network forecast transactions for users' account.
Automatic Network Selection
Neural System will be your most suitable trading models, analysis and forecast transactions for you. It runs the optimization process, you will automatically find a suitable trading patterns, save a lot of time and increase profitability.
With algorithms and parameters, using the most efficient algorithm, using Quick Quote, reverse Quote change for the neural network can be accurately retrospective simulation training. Moreover, it automatically selects the most appropriate algorithm.
Powerful Data Analysis Capabilities
The data will be automatically analysis and transform to the suitable neural network. Special knowledge of how the data should be preprocessed will have a full control over every detail of the pre-treatment data.
Our Profession
Our experts can be formulated according to the needs of actual market transactions and the development of any complex strategy and research, combined with the most efficient artificial intelligence technology to achieve better results, the artificial neural network Multilayer Perceptron network radial basis function network PNN / GRNN web search, and optimization of analog genetic algorithm, classic optimization mining decision trees, decision rules, decision tables, regression analysis, fuzzy logic Hierarchical Clusterization.
Neural System improves the decision support in engineering and artificial intelligence techniques.
In the past few years, KURRENCY has research development a lot of projects, it make us get the well improvement on the skills and to obtain this newest technology in nowadays; also have a wealth of experience in the market.
We have the most powerful and the most innovative development tools and expertise:
  • Programming languages and systems:
    Python, Perl in C #, C / C + +, JAVA, VB, SQL, Visual J + + in the Unix shell programming, JDK Development Tools: MS Visual Studio 2008 in the GNU C / C + +, Borland's C + +, Borland Delphi.
  • Database management systems:
    Oracle, MSAccess of, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase.
  • Technology:
    Client / Server architecture, OOA / OOD / OOP, COM / DCOM, MFC ODBC, OLE, OSF / Motif's, RMI, EJB, CORBA, the Win32 API programming, X-Windows Internet technologies: HTML, DHTML, XML / XSL, AJAX, CSS, ASP, PHP, VBScript, JavaScript, CGI, PHP method: Rational Unified Process, agile practices (iterative development, continuous integration, unit testing).
  • Case:
    Rational tools, Enterprise Architect, Borland, together with the project, MS, MS of Team Foundation Server, subversion, JIRA Operating system: Win7/Win8 / Server2012, Linux, SCO, FreeBSD's.
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