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Profitability is firmly based on strict risk control
Kurrency Technology (kurrency.com) was registered in 2008. It is a research and development company dedicated to the development of fully automated trading systems for the foreign exchange markets. Its R&D development is based on the Metatrader (MT4) and JFOREX platform. More than 40 banks and financial organizations have adopted the MT4 as the foundations of their trading platforms. Kurrency firmly believes that these are the two most suitable platforms for the development of automated trading platforms.

Members of Kurrency's professional programming team come from four countries: Taiwan, Singapore, Canada and Russia. Kurrency specialize in the production of high-end automated trading systems and manual trading strategies.
We Insist
On Kurrency's automated trading platforms, the connectivity of test data with the historical database is required to go through at least 9 years of testing to ensure that all data parameters can be successfully used for a variety of changes in the market. Of course, a valuable basis for reference can then be obtained from the background tests. Kurrency products will help customers achieve success and maximum profits in conducting foreign exchange trading in the real market.
Kurrency is constantly analyzing the manual/automatic trading strategy employed by each of its trading systems, which it applies to its own accounts and its customers' accounts to achieve real profitability.

In global foreign exchange markets, Kurrency's automated online trading systems have provided a very personal and unique service. Kurrency has a firm commitment to providing services to its private and institutional customers and to maintain a long-term relationship with them.
High Quality
With its partners and enterprise leadership, Kurrency is able to provide high quality foreign exchange trading services. Kurrency's automated transaction procedures are compliant with standard procedures for financial institutions. It continues to provide the foreign exchange markets with automated transaction modules and conditions, which is its most important mission.

In order to achieve its business objectives, Kurrency strives to meet its customer's profitability goals. It attaches great importance to its customers and strives to protect their confidentiality and continued competitive edge. Kurrency prides itself in never failing to achieve its objective—surpassing the expectations of customers and market limitations.
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Kurrency Update Notice
Kurrency website is currently updating, please visit KGIL website for neural system statements.